On April 7th, close to 35 scouts arrived at Camp Durant. For some scouts, it was their first time there, while others had been there many times. As it was getting dark, the Scouts set up tents. Some set their tents on tent frames used for Summer Camp, while others set them up on the ground. Many people also set up their hammocks, creating an area of hammocks dubbed “Hammock City.” After setting themselves up, some Scouts ate dinner that they either bought or had been made at home. Then, the groups for the next day were chosen, and within the groups, the Patrol Leader and the Assistant Patrol Leader. After some time had passed, the Scouts got ready to go to sleep. During the night, many Scouts learned the importance of being prepared and layering during the night, as it was very cold. The next morning, many Scouts woke up and immediately got a jacket before even going outside. While outside, the Scouts got ready and made breakfast. After breakfast, the Scouts got into their Class A’s and went to the Camporee flag ceremony. After the flag ceremony, the Scouts went back to the campsite to clean up their breakfast and gather anything they would need, and then left to start working on activities. There was a wide variety of activities to choose from, such as Rifle Shooting, Archery, Shave-a-Balloon, and Stocking(A person is blindfolded, and everyone has to steal some items without getting caught). The Scouts got to perform in these activities till Twelve o’ clock. After twelve o'clock, the Scouts made their lunch. After lunch and cleanup, the Scouts left to participate in activities until four o’clock. After 4 o’clock, the Scouts got back into Class A and went to the evening flag ceremony. After the evening ceremony, the Scouts got back to camp to cook dinner, and then cleaned up. After a hour, the Scouts went to the Campfire. First, they announced Birthday’s and they announced Mr. Pitney’s birthday. Then, they announced the winners for activities. Then, they announced the winners of the Dutch-Oven Cooking Competition, and Freddie and Mr. Pitney won second place, with a Blueberry Cobbler that they cleverly named Romeo and Cobblerette. Lastly, the camp started the OA Tap-Out Ceremony. First, they lit a huge campfire, and then started chanting. Then, we were told a legend about a man who defeated a spirit through teamwork. Soon enough, everyone was tired and went to bed. After policing in the morning, everyone left, satisfied with their fun experience.

Written by the Troop Historian,