On Friday, March 10, 17 scouts prepared to go on a backpacking trip. For many scouts, it was their first time on a backpacking trip, and were highly anticipating the hike that would take place the next day. As soon as all of the scouts had shown up, the Scouts got into their assigned cars. The Scouts and Adults drove for one and a half hour to the Uwharries National Forest. As the Scouts arrived at the location, they started pulling out their jackets, as it had become very cold during the car ride. Soon, it was so dark, that many Scouts also had to pull out flashlights. After everyone had arrived, the Scouts went on to their campsite. There was a lot of shuffling, as Scouts started claiming territory for their tents. As the older Scouts had more experience, they finished setting up their tents faster, and proceeded to start building a fire. By the time the younger Scouts had finished setting up tents, a fire was ready. Scouts hung by the fire for warmth, and after some time, started drifting to their tents and prepared to settle in for the night. Soon, the campsite was so quiet, that some Scouts could hear nature's night sounds. The next morning, Scouts were woken up at 6:00 and started getting ready for what might have been their first Backpacking hike. After some time, the campsite was completely empty except for the Scouts and Adults. The Scouts then went up to the cars, and got their meal bags, as well as any water or other supplies they had forgotten. After a quick breakfast, the Scouts embarked on their 7 mile hike. After a very steep hike up a cliff, many Scouts complained when they found out that they had only gone three-fourths of the way in their hike. The younger Scouts then realized that in order to complete this hike, they would need a lot of energy. After another mile-or-so, the Scouts took a “long break.” Many drank water, and ate snacks from their meal bags. After a few hours of hiking and breaks, some Scouts had lost all of their energy, and wanted stop. However, the older Scouts wanted to go on. The Scouts split into two groups, and the older Scouts went on. Within 15 minutes, the older Scouts stopped for the much-anticipated lunch break, and within another 15 minutes, the younger Scouts also arrived. The Scouts stayed for close to 45 minutes, and then the older Scouts continued on in the hike, with only close 3-4 miles left. The Scouts took only five-minutes breaks for water, and within another hour-or-so, the older Scouts. After the hike, the Scouts got a two hour break, before preparing to make dinner. The older Scouts prepared boiling water, and then, the Scouts prepared their pre-cooked meals. As soon as dinner was done, some Scouts got hot chocolate, and then cleaned off their utensils. With help from leadership from the older Scouts, the Scouts were able to leave almost an hour early. The Scouts quickly went up to the car's, packed their bags into the trunk, and left, arriving half-an-hour earlier than usual. As you can see, this campout was eventful, and despite the constant grumbling, most Scouts left the camp much more experienced than before.

                            Written by the Troop Historian,