Held at Camp Durant, the theme for the 2015’s District Camporee was technology. On May 1, 2015, our troop departed from the Home Depot at around 4:30 pm. We arrived at the campsite around an hour later, at 5:35. From there we set up camp, at a campsite where we were sharing with another troop. After we had set up our tents, we hung out under the shelter, having extra time for ourselves. Later, at around 8:30, we went to the flag ceremony, and returned shortly afterwards. Our Troop had more free time n our hands, and at 10 o’clock we returned to our tents, and at 11:00 we had lights out. We woke early the next morning, and had breakfast. We had many activities for the morning, including technology demolition, in which you could take apart tech, the archery range, bullet casting, a Lenovo computer display, and many other activities. At 12 o’clock we had lunch, and after an hour we continued those activities. Once it was time for dinner, the stations and activities closed, and we had dinner. We attended a small concert, in which a band played for all the Troops at the Camporee. Afterwards, we attended a campfire event, in which some of our troop was tapped out for the Order of the Arrow. We saw short plays, and one of our own scouts won a raffle. We then returned to our campsite, with extra time on our hands. We had the same sleep schedule, and woke up early the next day. After we all packed up, we had breakfast. Then, we went to a short worship service, held by Scouts. Once it was over, we returned to our camp, and proceeded to depart, and arriving slightly before 12:00, to our Parents.

by Nathan Lee