On Friday, September 8th, we all met at Home Depot, checked in, and started driving to Blacksburg, VA. It was a very scenic drive, and most people arrived at 9:00. After we had set up our tents, we slept, and in the morning, started making breakfast. Other than a small fire situation- it went smoothly. Before we went to the kayak site, Victor taught us how to use the kayak and basic safety. Then we got on a bus, and headed to the site. Once we got there, we were fitted for life jackets, and picked kayaks. Mr. Pitney, the scoutmaster, wanted to make sure we were able to kayak and asked us to go to this small island area. After about 20 minutes, we started down the river. While on the river, it was very beautiful and relaxing, and we did some rapids before stopping to eat lunch that we had made earlier. After that, we started again and about two hours later, we reached a big rapid as well as the stopping point. When everybody got their kayaks out of the river, we had some free time and played cards and did other things.  We cooked dinner later and after that, got ready for the campfire with skits and jokes. During the campfire, the Adults made cobbler, which was really good, and then we went to bed. The next morning, we packed up, patrolled, said a prayer, and drove back to the Home Depot. Overall, it was a good outing and pretty fun.



Arnav Praveen

T216 Historian