We met at the Home Depot at 4:00 pm and drove to our campsite next to the New River. We setup our tents for the night and slept. The next morning, we woke up, made breakfast and went to the Kayak drop off point. There, we went over some safety rules, got on our Kayaks and headed down the river. For the first half, there were a couple of rapids and some good views. At about 11.30am we stopped for a quick lunch. After we ate, we started again and there were more rapids along the river. At the end of the day, we approached the narrow Falls and it was a very fun experience to go down the Falls. Then we got out of the river and took a shuttle back to the campsite. When we got back it started raining pretty hard. So, we all took our food items to a shelter and cooked there. Most people stayed there the whole evening. In the night, we had cobbler for dessert and then went to bed. On Sunday, we policed the area, did a Scout’s own service and drove back to the Home Depot.  Overall it was a very good kayaking trip.

-Arnav Praveen