At Home Depot we waited until all the scouts came then we left to Oyster Point Campground. We all set up in the dark, after that we played games in the dark and went to sleep. When everyone woke up everyone made breakfast and got ready for the day. All the scouts got to the ferry and boarded it to go to Shackleford Island. During the ferry ride we learned some information about the area such as Blackbeard's ship had sunk nearby. On the island, the scouts went into groups and went their own ways to collect shells, go hiking, fly kites, and explore. It was so hot that everyone decided to head back 2 hours early, so all the scouts and adults went to the North Carolina Maritime Museum. After that everyone went back to the campsite and played games and went to sleep. In the morning everyone packed up and ate breakfast. After that we policed the campsite then did a head count and went back to Home Depot to get picked up.

Written By The Troop Historian,

Freddy P.