On June 25th, 2017, 54 Scouts arrived at Home Depot to go to Summer Camp at Camp Durant. For many Scouts, it was their first time going to a Summer Camp with Boy Scouts. After everyone arrived, the Scouts loaded their Footlockers onto their ride to Summer Camp, and the parents got a brief explanation on what the Scouts should expect. This was especially important for the new Scouts, because it allowed them to know some of the rules that the Troop might have at camp. With that, the Scouts loaded their rides to the camp, and the rode to camp. At the camp, the adult leaders made sure that we had everyone, and that no one was missing. The Scouts sat down to eat, while some of the camp staff loaded our luggage onto some huge wagons. After our Camp guide arrived, we took a tour of the campsite, seeing places such as the Medical Bay, the Dining Hall, The Trading Post, The Grill, and the Flag Pole. After that, we went to our campsite to pick our tents, and to change into our swimming costumes. When everyone had their costumes on, the Scouts went to the Waterfront to take their BSA Swim test. When we reached there, we were given a safety and regulations talk by the head of the Waterfront, after which we were given our swim test. The tests were given by different lifeguards who worked there. After the swim test, the Scouts were given their schedules for their classes for the next week. After a hour of relaxing and setting up tents, the Scouts attended an introductory flag ceremony, followed by dinner. After dinner, the Scouts attended a campfire to introduce the staff of Camp Durant to the Scouts. After the campfire, the scouts were allowed to hang out at the Trading Post or the Grill. By 10:30, all of the Scouts were supposed to be back at the campsite. Over the next week, the Scouts participated in many merit badge classes or programs to advance in ranks. In the evening, Camp Durant held many activities, such as the Tomahawk Race or the Catapult Competition on Friday, as well as Open Swim and Boating for Scouts. The Scouts also enjoyed food courtesy of Camp Durant, as well as the salad bar option. On Friday evening, after dinner, all of Camp Durant participated in a Closing Campfire. We sang songs, cheered and had fun at our last day of what was a long, but fun event. After the campfire, some of the older scouts finished of their snacks in a party at the shelter near their tents. They played cards, ate snacks, and had a fun time. After the party, everyone went to sleep, as the Scouts had to wake up early the next day to pack. The next day, everyone woke up, and packed up everything except their Class A. After everyone was accounted for, the Scouts participated in a trash sweep. When the campsite was cleaned, the Footlockers were loaded onto the wagons, and driven to the camp entrance. When we arrived, we were given a patch to put on our uniform to show that we attended Summer Camp. After that, some Scouts saw their parents for the first time in a week, and were happy to finally be headed home to enjoy their summer vacation. With that, the Scouts loaded their cars with their luggage, said goodbye to their friends, and loaded their cars to drive home.

Written by the Troop Historian,