Virginia Creeper Trail

All the scouts met up at Home Depot and once everyone was there we all left for the camp grounds. At camp it was a little wet but we got through it. In the morning we ate breakfast and waited for the bike guy to come, some people brought their personal bikes. On the trail there were many beautiful sites to see. Once in a while there would be a rest place and gift shop. Half way through there was an area to eat. After the trail the people who got there first waited by playing games with others. Once everyone got back we loaded up our bikes on a car then we got a lift back up the mountain. After that we got back to camp and relaxed for a little bit then for dinner we had chili and cobbler. We had a camp fire that night with skits and a story about the wood booger. Some people went to bed earlier then normal because they were exhausted from biking all day. The next day we packed up and ate breakfast and left. We finally went back to Home Depot and checked out.

Written By The Troop Historian,

Freddy P.