The Troop Committee Equipment Coordinator (a.k.a. Adult Quartermaster) is appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the pleasure of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee. The main purpose of the Adult Quartermaster position is to supervise and assist the Troop Quartermaster in procuring and maintaining camping equipment and other troop equipment and supplies.

Note: The Committee Equipment Coordinator /Adult Quartermaster should not be confused with the Troop Quartermaster which is a junior leadership position within the troop.

Official Position Description (from the BSA Troop Committee Guidebook)

  • Supervise and help the troop procure camping equipment.
  • Work with the Quartermaster (scout) on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all troop equipment.
  • Make periodic safety checks on all troop camping gear and encourage troops [sic] in the safe use of all outdoor equipment.
  • Report to the troop committee at each committee meeting.

Basic Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise and assist the Troop Quartermaster in procuring camping equipment and supplies.
  2. Advise the Troop Committee and Troop Quartermaster on inventory, maintenance, purchase, and storage of Troop equipment.
  3. Make periodic safety checks on all troop camping gear, and encourage the troop in the safe use of all outdoor equipment.
  4. Work with the Troop Quartermaster to organize troop work parties as necessary to clean, organize, and maintain the troop equipment trailer and storage shed.
  5. Occasionally participate in Boards of Review at troop meetings.
  6. Report to the troop committee at each meeting. If not in attendance, submit written report.

Description of main activities

Train new Quartermasters

The Adult Quartermaster job is much easier when the Troop Quartermaster is well-trained and up to speed on troop policies and procedures. To this end, the Adult Quartermaster should provide training to each new Troop Quartermaster after each troop election. The current training sheet is provided in Appendix A.

Appendix B contains an equipment requisition form that the Troop Quartermaster (or delegate) can use to track equipment on campouts.

Trailer and shed location

Many of the activities of the Adult Quartermaster job involve the troop trailer and storage shed. Troop 216 rents a shed and parking space at North State Storage on Davis Drive in Morrisville. The address is 2050 Sowter Drive.

Here is a map of the location:

T216 rents a parking space for the trailer that is located at the front of the complex that runs parallel to Sowter Drive. The ‘shed’ is a 5’x15’ storage unit in the middle row of buildings @ number 209.

The hours of the complex are daily from 6 am to 9 pm. The code for entry into the complex is *21600#.

The locks for the trailer (both tongue and door) and shed are currently keyed alike using Master Lock key code 0810.

Storage of propane tanks

North State Storage (and most other storage facilities) does not allow any propane tanks to be stored at their facility. This means that the troop tanks must be stored off location and then brought to the trailer (or the gathering site) prior to each campout. It is a good idea to coordinate w/ the ASM who will be pulling the trailer for the campout and make plans to put the required # of propane tanks in the trailer either the day of or the day prior to the campout. Alternatively, the tanks can be brought to the gathering site on the day of departure for the campout.

Following each campout, the tanks must be removed from the trailer.

The tanks are currently stored at the Kearbys’ house in a locked wooded storage unit under the deck in the back yard. The combination is 00-02- 28.

Inspect and Inventory equipment as necessary

Period inspection and inventory of the troop equipment should be conducted to ensure the troop has adequate equipment in good repair for the planned outings as well as to budget expenses. Please see Appendix C for a sample inventory and budget.

Buy new and/or repair existing equipment

It is common for equipment to break and/or wear out during troop activities. The most common equipment pieces that need repair are the lanterns with broken globes and spent mantles. The tents and stoves need occasional repair as well as the water jugs sometimes need a new vent or spout. Most of the parts can be obtained from one of the following sources:

  • REI
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods

In addition, the troop consumes approximately 4-5 small propane bottles on average on campout. These can be purchased at Lowes, Dick’s, or REI.

Occasionally participate in Boards of Review at troop meetings

The troop committee is responsible for conducting Boards of Review, which is the last step in a scout’s quest for a new rank. Check with the troop’s Board of Review chair for more details.

Report to troop committee

The troop committee meets once a month during the scouting year. The Adult Quartermaster should present an informal report to the committee on equipment purchases and/or repairs as well as gather any new requirements for troop equipment as well as participate in committee discussions and decisions.

Submit receipts to Committee Treasurer for reimbursement

The Adult Quartermaster should present receipts to the Committee Treasurer for reimbursement. Appendix D contains a sample report.

Troopmaster Tasks

The Adult Quartermaster does not have access to Troopmaster.

Appendix A

Troop 216 Quartermaster Duties

  1. Be responsible for equipment and take good care of it.
  2. Teach other scouts to do the same thing – Lead by example.
  3. Keep the troop equipment trailer clean and orderly.
    1. Learn where items go in the trailer and put them back.
  4. Plan campouts and any special equipment requirements – for example:
    1. Large propane tanks
    2. Note: The large propane tanks are stored off-site and must be brought to the trailer before the campouts. They are currently stored at the Kearbys’ house and the Kearbys will bring them to the trailer the day of the campout.
    3. Small propane tanks
    4. Back-packing stoves and fuel
  5. Call the Adult Quartermaster a few days before the campout to coordinate any special equipment requirements.
  6. Attend campouts and be responsible for:
    1. assigning equipment to patrol leaders
    2. making sure all equipment is returned clean and in good condition
    3. inspecting each piece of equipment for damage
    4. asking patrol leaders about any issues with proper equipment functioning
    5. loading the trailer and ensuring equipment is stored properly and securely for traveling
    6. Note: The camping responsibilities can be delegated to another responsible scout if you are not planning to attend. It is preferable to delegate to someone with previous Quartermaster experience.
  7. After the campout, notify Adult Quartermaster of any pieces of equipment needing repair or lost parts, etc.
  8. Plan for any equipment needed for troop meetings and bring this equipment to the meeting – for example:
    1. Cooking demonstrations
    2. Tent/Rain fly set up
  9. Contact Adult Quartermaster or Troop Scoutmaster with questions/problems/issues on equipment:
               Tim Kearby
               T216 Adult Quartermaster

Appendix B

Troop 216 Equipment Signout Form

Scout Gear – Troop 216

Date: _______ Patrol: ___________ Campout: _____________

Patrol Leader: ________________ Phone: ___________

___ Large Propane Tank                ___ Pots (med/large)

___ Small Propane bottle              ___ Pans

___ Lantern                                    ___ Dutch Oven (small/lge)

___ Stove (2 burner)                      ___ Skillet (small/med/lge)

___ Gas Hose                                ___ Water jug (5 gallon)

___ Backpacking Stove                 ___ Tent (2-man/4- man)

Other items: _______________________

For troop use…

___ First Aid Kit                              ___ Rope bucket