Official Position Description

Troop 216 actually splits the official responsibilities of the Advancement Coordinator (as described in the BSA Troop Committee Guidebook) into three different positions:  Advancement Chair, Merit Badge Coordinator and Board of Review Chair.   Here are the duties of the BSA-defined position along with commentary (inside the square brackets [ ] ) that explains how each of the duties is handled in Troop 216.   Note that the absence of such a comment indicates that the corresponding duty is considered part of the Troop 216 Advancement Chair’s responsibilities:

  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.

  • Work with the troop scribe to maintain all Scout advancement records [in Troop 216, the Scribe does not get involved in this type of record keeping]

  • Arrange quarterly troop boards of review and courts of honor [in Troop 216, we have a separate Board of Review chair, but the Advancement Chair is responsible for courts of honor]

  • Develop and maintain a merit badge counselor list [in Troop 216, a dedicated Merit Badge Coordinator is responsible for this]

  • Make a prompt record on the correct form to the council service center when a troop board of review is held.  Secure badges and certificates. [in Troop 216, the Advancement Chair does this on roughly a quarterly basis]

  • Work with the troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature [in Troop 216, this responsibility is not assigned to any single adult leader – perhaps it should be under the merit badge coordinator’s realm?]

  • Report to the troop committee at each committee meeting.

Day-to-day Responsibilities

  • Generate unit advancement report for an upcoming court of honor and purchase the awards at the Scout Shop.

  • Work with Court of Honor host and other troop stakeholders to coordinate the program.

  • Process, purchase and package awards for presentation at the Court of Honor.  Remember to use the troop’s “Gold Card” at the scout shop in order to avoid being charged for the rank patches.  The Gold Card is earned by the troop each year by satisfying a certain set of criteria, much like the Quality Unit award.

  • Maintain a record of advancement reports for historical record keeping.

Other Responsibilities

  • Occasionally participate in Boards of Review at troop meetings.


  • Scout shop staff for purchasing badges, rank advancement and other awards.  Shop staff processes advancement reports and ensures council receives the reports for input to their record tracking system.

The Occoneechee Council Scout Shop as well as the offices are located at 3231 Atlantic Ave., Raleigh NC  27604.   The shop phone number is (919) 850-0301 and the office number is (919) 662-7102.

Troopmaster Tasks

A Court of Honor (CoH) report is generated prior to each awards ceremony, which are held three times during the scout year – August, February and May.  This report is submitted to council so they can update Merit Badge and Advancement records for our troop.  A copy has also been kept in the past for the troop historical record, but troop master itself can be the historical record for the troop.  The CoH report process also includes reports for use in purchasing the awards and printed labels that are used for the merit badge and advancement pocket certificates.

A second Patrol Roster report is generated and used to organize awards for presentation at the CoH.

It is recommend that the database is entered in read only mode to check the data.  Often a review will indicate that some updates are needed to ensure there is a complete accounting of awards since the last Court of Honor. The database only needs to be entered in write mode when the final report is being generated and the database flags for award reporting and presentation needs to be set.

1a) Court of Honor/4403 report generation – Reports; Awards/Advancement; Court of Honor/4403




OK and Scout Awards Report is displayed for review/printing.

1c) After printing or closing the Scout Awards Report you will be prompted for printing labels:


Setup printer with sheets of labels and print.  OK, and will be prompted for print position of first label, respond & OK to print.  Check labels to ensure print was successful.  If sheets stuck together for a double print or sheets were misaligned/print was offset on lables, you may have to repeat process from the beginning to get a good print.

1d) Export file creation prompt follows:


1e)  If in write mode, you will be prompted for resetting r/p flags in the database.  If this is the final run and you have checked and are satisfied with the printed reports and printed labels, you may respond yes.   This will set the flags in the database so that awards entered prior to this yes response will can not have a report generated in the same manner.  This sets up a clean slate for tracking new awards that will be presented at the next CoH.

illustration2) Patrol /Unit Roster report – for attaching to folders and sorting award baggies – Reports; Scout/Unit General; Unit Roster



  1. Ask ScoutMaster, Chuck Gay, Committee Chairperson, Chris Meyer, and Merit Badge Coordinator, Tom Coleman, if they have entered the Rank Advancements (Chuck/Chris) and Merit Badges (Tom) into the TroopMaster software.

  2. Run a TroopMaster, Advancement, Court of Honor report in read only mode.

    1. Reports → Awards/Advancement → Court of Honor (4403)…

  3. Start a list in Excel of which scout earned which item

    1. Ranks on “Ranks” worksheet

    2. Merit Badges, Special Awards, Pins, Patches on “Merit Badges” worksheet

    3. Future Merit Badges that are not yet available in the Scout Store, on “Future” worksheet

    4. Reconcile emails and notices verbally received into the Excel list

    5. Look at blue cards and reconcile

  4. Print 3 copies of the Rank Advancements Report and 3 copies of a separate run of the Merit Badge Advancement Report that includes just Merit Badges, Special Awards, Pins, Patches, etc.

    1. Sign the 3 copies of each of the 2 types of reports.

    2. Ask Chris Meyer and Kristin Meyer to also sign the 3 copies of each of the 2 types of reports.

  5. Go shopping at the Scout Store 2 weeks in advance

    1. Take the “Gold Card”, Troop ID card, and credit card.

    2. Present the Rank Advancement report 3 copies to the front desk, where they get the rank advancement patches and cards from behind the front desk.  They keep 2 copies, and sign and give back 1 copy for troop records.

      1. Purchase X number of parents/mothers ribbons (red, white, and blue) to give to the parents

      2. Purchase X number of parent’s pins (one for each different rank) so that the scout can put the pin onto the parents ribbon at the CoH ceremony.

      3. Present the Gold Card and get the Rank Advancement patches and pocket certificates for free, the council pays for them.

    3. Pick up X number of ice cube trays near the scout store entrance.

    4. Take the 3 copies of the Merit Badge Advancement report to the merit badge display case.

    5. Pick up X quantity of each Y merit badge, and place them into the ice cube trays.

    6. Present the Merit Badge Advancement report 3 copies to the front desk, they keep 2 copies, and sign and give back 1 copy for troop records.

    7. Purchase X number of Merit Badge card sheets for the laser printer, they run 8 per sheet

    8. Shop for additional items as requested by Chuck, Chris, Tom, etc.

    9. Pay for the items via Visa credit card, presenting the Gold Card for certain discounts.

    10. Purchase laser printer labels, Avery number 5960, which contains 30 labels per sheet.

  6. Take care of last minute stragglers.

    1. Others enter into TroopMaster

    2. Run CoH report in read only mode

    3. Add to Excel list

    4. Email the Excel list to the Master of Ceremony (boy scout) for him to prepare the CoH agenda

    5. Print 3 copies and sign.  If just merit badge changes, only I need to sign.  If there are any rank advancement changes, Chris and Kristin must sign.

    6. Go shopping at Scout Store 2 days in advance

  7. Ask the Troop Treasurer, David Davis, for a reimbursement for expenses via presenting the receipts.

    1. Subtract off personal items such as socks, uniform patches, etc. including tax.

  8. Run an Advancement Report of Merit Badges in read/write mode.

    1. Reports → Awards/Advancement → Court of Honor (4403)…

    2. Check: Court of Honor, Include Special Awards, Sort COH by Recipient

    3. Check: Awards Summary, Include Award Item Numbers

    4. Check: Unit Advancement Report (4403), Paper Report Only

    5. Check: Print 3 Copies, Print Labels for MB/Rank Cards (do not print award cards directly)

    6. Unit Level: Troop

    7. Unit Number: 0216

    8. Starting Date: (is filled in, but use last CoH close date)

    9. Ending Date: 08/24/10

    10. Board of Review Date: 08/21/10

    11. Date Awards Needed: 08/24/10

    12. Check: Include Scouts, All Scouts

    13. Check: Include Adults, Adult Leaders

    14. Awards to Include: Check: Include Merit Badges, Include Rank Badges

    15. Check Radio button: Include ALL awards from start to end, plus those not yet reported/presented

    16. Print the rank advancements and merit badge info onto the Avery number 5960 sheets.

    17. Reset the flags to indicate that these Merit Badges were Awarded and Presented at the CoH.

  9. Prepare the Rank Advancements:

    1. Tear off the rank advancement info labels from the Avery sheets and apply to the rank advancement pocket certificate cards, making sure not to cover the signature lines.

    2. Scotch tape each rank advancement patch to the corresponding pocket certificate.

    3. Locate/differentiate the parents/mothers pins, stick them onto the cardboard backing of a parents/mothers ribbon.

    4. Type up a Word doc “Labels for Baggies Adv” with patrol name, scout name, and rank advancement, print the labels onto Avery 5960 sheets.

    5. Label each baggie.

    6. Place the rank advancement pocket certificate/rank advancement patch, and parents/mothers pins and ribbons into baggies, one baggie per scout.

    7. Seal the baggies.

    8. Place all of the baggies into a Rank Advancement 9” x 14” manila envelope.

    9. Place the Rank Advancement report into the manila envelope, too, as a cross reference during the CoH meeting.  By hand, add the patrol name next to each scout name on the report.

  10. Prepare the merit badge blue cards:

    1. Throw away any blue cards that were made of “partials”, those started but not completed.

    2. Defer until later any blue cards where the merit badge patch is not yet available at the scout store

    3. For the remaining: tear off the 2 panels:

      1. Keep the “Application for Merit Badge” portion.

      2. Give back the “Applicant’s Record” portion.

  11. Prepare the Merit Badges:

    1. Tear off the merit badge info labels from the Avery sheets and apply to the merit badge pocket certificate cards, making sure not to cover the signature line.

    2. Sign the merit badge pocket certificate cards.

    3. Scotch tape each merit badge to each corresponding merit badge pocket certificate card.

    4. Check online websites to make sure you affix the correct merit badge to the correct pocket certificate since many of the merit badge pictures look the same.

    5. Type up a Word doc “Labels for Baggies MB” with patrol name, scout name, list of Merit Badges earned, and list of other special awards, pins or patches.  Print the labels onto Avery 5960 sheets.

    6. Label each baggie.

    7. Place the merit badge pocket certificate/merit badge patch into baggies, one baggie per scout.

    8. Add the merit badge blue cards into the baggies, just the Applicant’s Record portion.

    9. Add Camp Raven Knob patches and pins (or other special awards e.g., World Conservation) into each corresponding scout baggie.

    10. Seal the baggies.

    11. Place all of the baggies into the corresponding patrol 9” x 14” manila envelope.

    12. Filter the Excel list of all advancements by Patrol, print one sheet per patrol, and place the printout report into the manila envelope, too, as a cross reference during the CoH meeting.

  12. Make sure the manila envelope has the correct patrol roster of scouts on it, or reprint if there are additions or deletions to/from the patrol.

    1. Reports → Scout/Unit General → Unit Roster…

  13. File away the signed Advancement reports into a notebook 3 ring binder with dividers.

  14. Night of Court of Honor: go 30 minutes in advance, bring the box of manila envelopes and rank advancement reports, set up, get signatures on Rank Advancement cards from the Senior Patrol Leader, Alex Gay, troop master, Chuck Gay, and/or troop committee chair, Chris Meyer as applicable.

After Court of Honor: follow up with unclaimed baggies, at next troop meeting, put into portable file folders box.