Official Position Description (from the BSA Troop Committee Guidebook)

  • Provide a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities.

  • Give guidance to the chaplain aide.

  • Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice.

  • Visit homes of Scouts in times of sickness or need.

  • Give spiritual counseling service when needed or requested.

  • Encourage Boy Scouts to earn their appropriate religious emblems.

  • Report to the troop committee at each committee meeting.

Day-to-day Responsibilities

  • Maintain a library of Scouts’ Own Services for the Chaplain’s Aide to use.

  • Provide training to the Chaplain’s Aide regarding his responsibilities to the troop.  Specifically, to:

    • Organize a Scouts’ Own Service for most overnight outings (you determine which outings are exempt).

Every troop going away for a weekend needs to plan to conduct or attend a service in keeping with the 12th point of the Scout Law. You may be invited to conduct the services or work out a program with the chaplain aide and other adult leaders. An overnight event should include worship experiences, either for the individual or for the troop. You may want to recommend scripture readings or devotional readings to be used at the close of the evening or as a morning meditation.

Chaplain and the Chaplain’s Aide should coordinate an appropriate service before each campout.  If the Chaplain and/or Chaplain’s Aide will not be present for the campout, then the responsibilities should be delegated.

  • Do invocations and benedictions at appropriate troop gatherings (courts of honor, the annual moms’ dinner, etc.)

  • Train the troop in commonly-used prayers such as the Raven Knob Grace and the Philmont Grace.

Execution of these responsibilities on a regular basis will constitute satisfactory performance of the Chaplain’s Aide position within the troop.

Other Responsibilities

  • Present the Boy Scout Religious Emblems program to the troop at least once per year.  Note that Frank Jackson, affiliated with Troop 316 at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Apex has a very nice display of the religious emblems that he is willing to loan out.  

  • Ask the leaders to report accidents, illnesses, and other problems of members to you. You should become aware of situations where a pastoral call would be appropriate and beneficial. Leaders who are in regular contact with their members often are the first to know of situations that may need pastoral attention.  

    The chaplain will make appropriate contact with the family of a seriously ill scout or leader, requesting if the troop can be of any service to the family.  Also, chaplain’s aide will include the scout/leader in the troop’s prayers with permission of the scout/leader and/or family.

  • The chaplain should work closely with the chartered organization representative for the interest of the chartered organization and its ministry, as well as for children, youth, and families.

    Troop 216 is chartered by the Knights of Columbus, council 6650.  If the charter organization representative makes a troop request known that pertains to the ministry of the troop, parish and /or charter organization the chaplain will bring the request to the troop committee.  Possible examples could include a request the troop to provide volunteers to assist with a church program. Or the charter organization makes a request for potential Eagle Scout project on the church grounds that would help facilitate the parish’s ministries.


  • Chaplain’s Aide (changes every 6 months - check with Scoutmaster for current name)

  • Charter Organization Representative (from the Knights of Columbus, Council 6650) -  Todd Ellis –   (phone number)

  • Frank Jackson (for religious emblems display) -

  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church:

Troopmaster Tasks