Official Position Description (from the BSA Troop Committee Guidebook)

Troop 216’s Merit Badge Coordinator (MBC) is responsible for the delivery of the annual merit badge program for the troop.  According to the BSA Troop Committee Guidebook, this responsibility falls to the Advancement Coordinator, but our troop splits that job into three different positions: Merit Badge Coordinator, Advancement Chair and Board of Review Chair.

The reason our troop splits the MBC out into a separate position is  the size of the troop and the number of merit badges that we typically offer in a year.

The MBC works between the Advancement and Training functions within the troop.  At the beginning of each “scouting year” (usually in early August), the MBC will receive the Annual Learning Plan and Meeting Schedule, from the Scoutmaster.  These are developed by the Scouts during Summer Camp.  The MBC’s duty is to manage internal Troop 216 and external District/Council resources to execute Troop 216’s Merit Badge plan and facilitate any adult recruiting and training that might be required to do so.

Day-to-day Responsibilities

The Troop 216 Merit Badge Coordinator is responsible for the following regular activities:

  • Before the beginning of each “scouting year” (i.e., before the troop calendar is published in early August), develop a merit badge offering plan for the year.  This plan should maps to the monthly themes developed by the Scoutmaster (based on the annual planning meeting) and also ensure that a steady stream of Eagle-required merit badges are offered throughout the year.

  • Work with the Unit Trainer to maintain Merit Badge Counselor Troopmaster records and encourage MB Counselors to update their training during the annual enrollment application process.  

  • Maintain a roster of troop merit badge counselors and/or other lists provided by the Occoneechee Council of merit badge counselors for scout referral.

  • Help recruit Merit Badge Counselors and direct them to the Unit Trainer for required training.

  • Help the Merit Badge Counselors coordinate course schedules.

  • Monitor the Merit Badge classes to insure that all requirements are met on a timely basis.

  • Encourage Scouts to stay on track and act as a communication link between counselor, Scoutmaster and committee members.

  • Work with the troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature.

  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Other Responsibilities

  • Occasionally Participate in Boards of Review at troop meetings.

  • Help MB Counselors maintain the two-deep leadership rule.

  • Validating records in preparation for each troop court of honor (usually in May, August and January/February).



Troopmaster Tasks

The Merit Badge Coordinator makes updates to Troopmaster on a fairly regular basis as scouts complete merit badges.  

Primary tasks:

  • Record the completion of a new (no partials involved) merit badge for a scout

  • Record the partial completion of a merit badge for a scout (usually after summer camp)

  • Record the completion of a partially-completed merit badge for a scout

Other reports you might use:

  • Generate training reports

  • Generate reports on adult leaders in support MB requirements

  • Generate reports to see which scouts will be aging out in the near future

  • Generate general troop rosters

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The Merit Badge Program (copied from BSA Troop Committee Guide Book)

The ranks of Star, Life and Eagle require that a Scout earn a certain number of merit badges. Merit badges are awarded to Scouts for fulfilling requirements in specific fields of interest. The subjects range from Agribusiness to Woodwork and cover areas such as hobbies, careers, sports, science, and Scouting skills. In all, there are more than one hundred merit badges. (See Boy Scout Requirements.)

A Scout, along with a buddy, works closely with a council-approved merit badge counselor to complete the requirements for the merit badge. Each counselor must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America and an expert in the chosen subject. When a boy feels that he is ready to earn a merit badge, the Scoutmaster will give him the name and telephone number of an approved counselor from the merit badge counselor list, usually provided by the local council or district. Because the Boy Scouts of America does not permit a youth member to work alone with an adult, each Scout must have a "buddy" to accompany him. (See Boy Scout Requirements.)

If an approved list is not provided, or if the Scoutmaster feels that some of the popular merit badges need additional counselors, the troop committee member responsible for advancement has the primary responsibility for developing the troop's own counselor list. Troop counselors must meet the same qualifications as persons serving district and council-wide, and they must be approved by the district or council.

The requirements for merit badge counselors are:

1. Be 18 years of age or older and of good character.

2. Be recognized as having sufficient skills and education in the subjects for which they are to serve as merit badge counselors.

3. Be registered as adult members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Potential sources for counselors are parents (review your troop resource survey), former Scouts, committee members, local school teachers, government agencies, labor union, special-interest clubs, technical and industrial organizations and serious hobbyists. A useful tool is the Work Sheet for Building a Merit Badge Counselor List. Other tools include:

  • Merit Badge Counselor Orientation. A practical training aid for adult leaders.

  • Merit Badge Counselor Information. Qualifications and background information for counselors.

Recommending Merit Badge Counselors. A forum for suggesting names of potential counselors.