Troop 216 is a Boy Led Troop and as such, each leadership position is very important and the Scouts in these positions need to keep up with their duties, or the Troop will not function smoothly.  For that reason, it is necessary for a Scout to apply for the position they would like to hold.  The Troop has adopted Leadership Position contracts to help outline the duties and responsibilities of each position and to help the Scouts know what is expected of them as they carry out their leadership role in the Troop.  Leadership contracts and applications are below.

Leadership applications are due to the Scoutmaster by the first Tuesday in December or June prior to the start of the position’s service period.  Leadership contracts are due to the Scoutmaster at the Youth Leadership Training session at the start of the service period.  If the Scout does not attend the YLT for their service period, the contract is due ASAP afterwards and their position start date is the date the contract is turned in to the Scoutmaster, which decreases their service term for rank advancement purposes.

Scouts, you are not officially in a Troop level leadership position unless you apply for and turn in a contract for that position.  Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader are not Troop level leadership positions so no application is required.  PL still needs to turn in a contract to get credit for their leadership service.  APL does not need to turn in contracts but are requested to attend the YLT session anyway.  APL is not a leadership position that counts toward rank advancement, but every Patrol needs one. 

Leadership position descriptions and contracts document:

Leadership position application document: