Earning merit badges should be Scout initiated, Scout researched, and Scout learned. It should be hands-on and interactive, and should not be modeled after a typical school classroom setting. Instead, it is meant to be an active program so enticing to young men that they will want to take responsibility for their own full participation.  (Guide to Advancement p. 49)

Interested in earning a merit badge?  Here's the process!
  1. The Scout develops an interest in a merit badge and may begin working on the requirements.
  • T216 asks that work towards Eagle merit badges should only be started after first meeting with the Eagle merit badge counselor.
  • The Scout discusses his interest in the merit badge with the Scoutmaster and is given a signed Blue Card.
  • The Scout checks with the Merit Badge Coordinator (listed in the Committee roster) to find out who is the merit badge counselor for the merit badge.
      • Eagle merit badges require increased commitment from both the Scout and counselor and as such typically take longer to complete.
      • Please speak with the Merit Badge Coordinator to get the counselors name.  
  • The Scout contacts the counselor.
  • The counselor considers any work toward requirements completed prior to the initial discussion with the Scoutmaster.
  • The Scout and the counselor meet (often several times…following 2-deep Leadership practice.)
  • The Scout finishes the requirements.
  • The counselor approves completion.
  • The Scout returns the signed blue card to the Scoutmaster.
  • The Scout will receive a signed applicant record along with the merit badge at the next scheduled Troop Court of Honor.

  • For more information on merit badges... 

    Interested in becoming a merit badge counselor?  Here's how you can!
    1. Review BSA’s Guide for Merit Badge Counselors.
    2. Take the Merit Badge Counselor Orientation (D-76 Training). This is a one-time, in person training.  The course lasts about an hour and a half and teaches you all you need to know to be an effective, confident MB counselor. Check the Occoneechee Council calendar for training dates
    3. Fill out and submit to the Merit Badge Coordinator (listed in the Committee roster) a Merit Badge Counselor form.  (NOTE: This needs to be done annually.)