This page allows you to see the upcoming meeting plans. These links will show you the upcoming meetings.

Troop 216 PLC Planning Sheet

Troop Meeting 9/22/15 Troop Meeting 9/29/15 Troop Meeting 10/6/15 Troop Meeting 10/13/15

Patrol Vision Grub Box Campout Planning Citizenship Talk

5 Minutes
Azetecs Bulls Dragons Falcons
Skills Instruction
25 Minutes

Oliver public speaking instruction What is supposed to be in a grub box How a meal planning sheet is supposed to be filled out What it means to be a good citizen
Patrol Meeting
20 Minutes

“Patrol Vision” Replenishing grub boxes with the spare old gear Filling out the meal planning sheet as a group N/A
Interpatrol Activity
25 Minutes

Guess the Scout Game Cracker Eating Relay Scout Spelling Bee Scout Trivia
Scoutmaster's Minute 5 Minutes

5 Minutes
Gladiators Hawks Jackalopes Lemurs
PLC Meeting
5 Minutes
Bring grub boxes Bring grub boxes

Date What Where Responsible Adult / Scout
Activity One 10/9 - 11/15 Hiking Grandfather Mountain Grandfather Mountain Mr Hulse
Activity Two

Activity Three