One of the Methods of Scouting is Rank Advancement.  In 2016, rank requirements changed and Scout is now a rank instead of a joining requirement.  Current rank requirements from Scout to Eagle and beyond can be found here:

The goal for Troop 216 leadership is to provide an opportunity for all Scouts to earn the rank of First Class in their first year of Scouting.  The best way to accomplish this goal is for Scouts to attend as many meetings, campouts, and Merit Badge sessions as possible over their first year.  the New Scout campout and Summer Camp are the most important campouts for new Scouts to attend as they will be able to work on a lot of the rank requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding rank advancement...

Who can sign off on rank requirements?  
Any Scoutmaster (SM), Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM) can sign off on rank requirements through First Class.  Star and Life requirements can be signed off by SM and ASM’s.  Eagle rank requirements must be signed off by the SM.

Who can give a Scoutmaster Conference? 
SM and ASM can give Scoutmaster Conferences through the rank of Life.  One the SM can give an Eagle Scoutmaster Conference.

How do I request a Scoutmaster Conference?  
  1. Look at this checklist to prepare for and request a Scoutmaster Conference.
    • IMPORTANT: Scouts need to used the checklist or may not be prepared for a successful Scoutmaster Conference.
  2. For ranks Scout through Life, just ask the SM or an ASM at a Troop meeting.  
    • For Eagle, your Scoutmaster Conference will be held with the Scoutmaster at a scheduled time when he reviews your final Eagle rank application.  

What is a Board of Review (BOR)? 
A Board of Review is a meeting with three or more Troop Committee Members where they ask you questions about your Scouting experience.  The BOR team makes the determination if you are worthy to earn the rank being reviewed.  Scouts must be in full field uniform (class A) with up to date patches in the appropriate locations.

How do I request a BOR? 
A BOR signup sheet is available at every Troop meeting.  Just fill out your name, rank applying for and email address on the date line you would like your BOR.  You can also email the BOR coordinator (CC’ing your parents) requesting a BOR slot.

What merit badge sessions should a first year Scout take at Summer Camp? 
All first year Scouts are highly encouraged to take the Senior Raven Scout or Trailblazer program depending on which Summer Camp you attend.  Swimming and First Aid merit badges should also be taken as they will help fulfill many requirements in Second and First Class.

Do I need a leadership position? 
If you are working on Star through Eagle, you will need leadership positions as part of your rank requirements.  If you are not yet First Class, you do not need a leadership position for rank advancement.

How do I get my leadership position requirement signed off? 
When a Scout fills out a contract for their leadership position, the start of their leadership term is noted.  As they work to fulfill their duties and responsibilities over their term, they can ask a SM or ASM for feedback and assistance as needed.  Once their term is up, they get the SM to sign off on the contract and also on the requirement.  Only the SM should sign off on leadership requirements for rank advancement.

How and where do I keep track of service hours? 
Troop 216 does not use Troop Web Host to keep track of service hours.  It is the Scouts’ responsibility to keep track of their service hours by using the log in the back of their Scout Handbook and getting the service hour form ( signed by the leader of the service project.  Once a Scout has collected enough hours of service and they have the service documented, a SM or ASM can sign off on the requirement.