We are in the home stretch now. All of the Scouts have a lot to tell you on their ride home but will probably sleep. Please be here between 8 and 8:30 on Saturday morning so you can head out as soon as we pass campsite inspection. 
Since the last update Tuesday morning, your boys finished morning sessions and were treated to mystery meat loaded nachos. The Scouts figured out that if they start waiting near the kitchen doors after the last group is served, they beat the stampede. After lunch the rain came in and everyone got soaked. There was no thunder or lightning so all sessions finished and our two lifeguards had to stand in the rain all afternoon. For supper we were served ckickey or turken pot pie. It was actually really edible. A lot of Scouts then went to do open swim and open boating, hang out at the trading post and worked on Rank advancement. We ended the evening with a lantern campfire hosted by Matthew. 

Wednesday started with cement mix and biscuits which helped motivate the boys to do an outstanding job at taking care of their duty assignments which earned a 100 on the campsite inspection.  After the boys went to sessions, Mrs Feddern packed up and headed out (thank you for all of your help). We then were treated to Raven-Fil-A sandwiches for lunch and prepared for a thunderstorm that ended up going around us. Late afternoon, four freshly shaven adults showed up to enjoy camp with the Scouts. For supper we had the annual pizza party with Mr Marshall's famous cobbler as dessert. Mr and Mrs Gay joined us along with the five Mountain Men. I said hello to the MM from a distance then had a nice visit with them after they showered up and it sounds like they are all having a blast. While everyone was in a pizza coma, the Scouts voted on the types of camping trips they want to take next year (more details about that will come out at the end of July). Wednesday closed with the Order if the Arrow campfire in the arena then we said goodbye to the MM and went back to camp to start cleaning up after the party. 

The Scouts seemed to still be in their comas this morning as they were sluggish to get out of bed. Breakfast was McKnob's sausage and egg biscuits. I told the Scouts that if they got another 100 on their inspection, they could sleep in hammocks outside tonight and it turns out, we will have some hammocks in the woods. For lunch we were treated to corny dogs and pudding.  Also tonight, our Camping and Wilderness Survival Scouts leave us to eat with the MM and then sleep in the woods. We won't see them until breakfast tomorrow. With perfect weather this afternoon, the Scouts will be enjoying open forging, open boating, open swimming, open handicrafts and the Knob Hike. 

Tomorrow finishes up all sessions and we have our service project. The MM return to camp around lunchtime and will get to experience the cabins. At the closing campfire tomorrow night, your Scouts will be recognized for earning the Honor Merit Troop award. 

Thank you for sending your boys to camp. See you Saturday. 

Mr B.