Summer Camp Patents,
As promised, here is a quick update of camp so far.  First though, thank you all very much for getting all forms in on time and meeting at Home Depot so we could leave on time. The trip started great until a house being moved took up the entire highway for around 10 miles. Other than irritating several drivers, everyone made it to Cook Out and to camp on time.
Check in was really quick thanks to having all forms turned in early. All I needed to do was turn in the waivers. 
Scouts immediately started claiming cabins and bunks, then Dylan did a great job of sorting out who actually went where. The cabins are working very well. We have not had any mess spill into camp and things are staying fairly tidy, thanks to daily cabin inspections by our Raven Knob Commissioner Noah. 
After bunks were figured out, the Scouts changed for the Swim Test. Henry, our guide for the week, led us down to the lake, showing us a trail to shorten the walk. The Scouts said the water was cold, but then last night they said it was hot. Either way, they are having fun at the lake.  After the swim test, Henry took us on a tour and showed us how to get to a few other places quickly, and others not so quickly, then we returned to camp for some free time and to get ready for supper. 
Supper was a gourmet meal of spaghetti-ish (elbow macaroni instead of spaghetti noodles) with garlic bread and peaches. It was so good that there was a stampede for seconds. After supper, we said farewell to the Mountain Men and headed back to camp to finish getting cabins set up then off to a thunder shortened campfire. 
We had a steady rain Sunday evening after a pretty humid afternoon. Other than that, the weather has been perfect and the bugs have not been too bothersome. 
Monday started with cereal, eggs, bacon and something that resembled grits for breakfast. Then we had a quick camp cleanup before sessions started. Everyone got into the sessions they signed up for. There have been a couple changes requested and those requests were fulfilled. The metal workers and welders looked out of place in jeans, but are having fun anyway. 
Lunch yesterday was chickish or fishken strips (I couldn't tell what they were) with fries and fruit salad. Supper was ham with green beans and Mac and cheese. Again, the food must have been good because there were stampedes for seconds after each meal. 
Last night we had 13 Scouts go on the Knob Hike and a bunch more go to free swim and boating. Many Scouts ended the evening at the trading post.
This morning they were a little slow to wake up and we made it to breakfast barely in time. All was good, though after they had French toast sticks with bacon, cereal and apple sauce. After getting back to camp, the boys hurried to clean up before the camp commissioner did his inspection.
Tonight will be busy. There is the frog hunt, star gazing and the historical site tour. All this activity is helping with a few boys showing signs of homesickness, but so far nobody wants to go home that badly. I would encourage all parents to go to and send their Scout a message or two this week. Just enter Troop 216 and your Scout's name and we will get the messages during meals. 
Some quick info about the impact Troop 216 has at Raven Knob...  We have two of the five attendees in BSA Lifeguard.  We have five of the ten mountain men. And we have one if the few getting climber certified. 
The rest of the week is full of activities with the Pizza Party tomorrow night before the OA campfire. Everyone is anticipating a good Papa Johns meal, even though the dining hall is creating stampedes for seconds. 
All in all, the week has been very smooth so far and the Scouts are enjoying five star Scouting accommodations. 
I will send another update later in the week. 
Mr B.