Troop 216 Summer Camp

Personal Equipment List
(Camp Raven Knob Recommendations)
  1. Complete Scout uniform
  2. T-shirts
  3. Shorts or long pants
  4. Swim trunks
  5. Underwear
  6. Socks (recommend two pair per day because of wet weather)
  7. Hat if desired
  8. Sweater or jacket
  9. Extra shoes or boots (tennis shoes only as back-up shoes, water proof boots as primary, NO CROCKS OR SANDALS)
  10. Poncho or rain gear (prefer pants/jacket they work better)
  11. Notebook and pencil or pen
  12. Scout Handbook
  13. Merit badge pamphlets (see below)
  14. Watch (very important)
  15. Washcloth and towels
  16. Toilet articles (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Note: no glass bottles)
  17. Flashlight/headlamp with new batteries (extra batteries)
  18. Sleeping bag or sheets & blankets
  19. Alarm clock (optional)
  20. Pocketknife (3” blade maximum, locking blade)
  21. Footlocker with lock (extra key to give to leader as back-up)
  22. Plastic trash bags for laundry or wet clothes
  23. Sunscreen
  24. Bug spray
  25. Hand sanitizer

(Troop 216 Recommendation – Addition to Above List)

All Placed in a plastic ziplock bag

  1. Cup – plastic or metal with handle (handle for hanging) can be purchased at Trading Post
  2. Refillable 24 – 32-ounce water bottle
  3. 50 feet of 1/8 inch nylon line (for cloths line, etc.)
  4. Small roll of duct tape (role a small amount around a pencil)
  5. Extra batteries
  6. Pocket pack of tissues
  7. Small roll of string
  8. Few paper clips
  9. Black "Sharpie" permanent marker pen
  10. Few safety pins (various sizes)
  11. Sewing kit
  12. Few rubber bands
  13. Camp chair for Wednesday night Troop activity
  14. Prerequisite requirements for your Merit Badge Sessions

Merit Badge Requirements and Prerequisites
You can find merit badge workbooks online at
The Troop has a library of merit badge books. These will be available at summer camp.