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Troop 216 Eagle Scout Roll Call

Dylan Fick's Eagle Project Work Day

Newly Revised "Steps to Eagle Scout" Document

Eagle Scout Projects

Eagle Scout #111 - Charles Lowman

Marine Corps Honors 2013 Eagle Scouts

Congratulations to our newest Eagle Scouts!

Daniel Harpham, Eagle Scout

Brian DeContreras, Eagle Scout

Matt Singer

Daniel and Matthew Shaefer, Eagle Scouts

Gary Meyer, Eagle Scout

Joe Ristaino, Eagle Scout

Nathan Walters, Eagle Scout

Aaron Reza, Eagle Scout

Andrew Hibbard, Eagle Scout

Daniel Kearby, Eagle Scout

David Szilezy, Eagle Scout

Jack Kesselring, Eagle Scout

John Clemmer, Eagle Scout

Mark Kochanski Eagle Scout

Ben Nail, An Eagle becomes a Falcon

Jonathan LaDue, Eagle Scout

Eric Blum, Eagle Scout

Christopher and Michael Becker, Eagle Scouts

Matthew Beauchamp, Eagle Scout

Alex Brawn, Eagle Scout

Tyler Brezina

Ryan Chapman and Yacob Malik

Brendan McLean

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Annual Health and Medical Forms

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Troop 216 Handbook & Guide (PDF)

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Rock Climbing Camp Out

Virginia Creeper Trail

Kayaking Campout

NYLT 2018

Summer Camp Week 1

2018 New Scout Orientation Campout

Camporee 2018

Grayson Highlands Backpacking Trip

Winter Blast 2018

Ski Trip 2018

2017 World Jamboree

Summer Camp 2017

Triangle Rock Club Overnighter

Troop History

Mr Pitneys slides from the August 2017 COH.

Kayaking Campout : 9/8/17 - 9/10/17

Do Nothing November campout

Iron Chef/Cooking MB Campout 9/11/15-9/13/15

Shackleford Banks Camping Trip September 9-11,2016

Virginia Creeper Trail Camping Trip - October 7-9, 2016

2017 District Camporee

Backpacking Trip

Ski Campout

Triangle Rock Climbing Overnighter

District Camporee

Troop 216 Celebrates David Walters’ Service as Scoutmaster 2005

Scouts attend 2010 National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill, Virginia

Carolina Beach campout 2005

Troop 216 Summer Camp 2007

World Jamboree 2007

Halloween 2007 Troop Meeting

Luminaria 2007

Wilderness Survival Campout

Eagle Trip to Welding Shop

Vertical Edge 2012

Vertical Edge Climing Lock-In 2007

Vertical Edge 2005

Ski/Snowboard Trip 2008

WinterPlace Ski Trip 2006

Winter Place Ski Trip

Wilderness Adventure Campout 2006

Whitewater Rafting Trip Summary

Uhwarrie Mountain Bike Campout Summary

NRA/ATA Trap Shooting Camp Summary

Troop 216 News Archive 2005-2009

Troop News 2008

Summer Camp 2008 – The Summary

Summer Camp Notes 2010

Summer Camp 2006

Summer Camp Notes 2009

Stone Mountain Campout 2007

Stone Mountain Summary 2008

Shooting Campout and Moms’ Dinner

Stone Mountain Campout 2006

Nuclear Science Merit Badge Trip Summary

White Water Rafting Trip 2009

New Scout Campout Summary 2009

New Scout Campout 2008 Summary

Congratulations to Gary M. (2005)

Shooting Campout and Mom's Dinner Summary 2008

Camping at Medoc Mountain 2004

Eagle Scouts Honored by U.S. Marine Corps League 2007

New Scout Campout 2007

Luminaria Assembly, December 2004

Kings Mountain State Park 2009

Eagle Scout Summit Summary 2008

Eagle Scout Only Shooting Campout 2008

Eagle Scout Only Rafting Trip 2008

Occoneechee Council Camporee 2009

District Camporee Summary 2007

Occoneechee Council Camporee 2009

Canoe Trip and Campout 2008

Hammock Beach 2007

Hyco Lake Campout 2005

Canoeing and Camping Trip 2005

Crosswinds Distict Camporee 2009

Crosswinds District Camporee 2005

Crosswinds District Camporee Summary April 2008

Crosswinds District Camporee Fall 2010 probably incorrect

Crosswinds District Camporee Spring 2010

November 2006 Campout Summary

Shooting Campout Summary 2007

Aviation Merit Badge Summary

Spring Court of Honor

Ed Donnald

Troop 216 Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Northern Tier 2009

Scout Adventures: Assistant Shooting Sports Instructor

Vertical Edge Overnighter, December 15 2012

Crosswinds District Camporee


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